Group and Individual Workshops

Workshops - Group

Are you interested in holding a workshop based on any of Dr. Morgan’s books? We can bring the workshop to your city, community or organization!

As an example of a workshop on the GO! book (half day or one day option), participants are guided through the four steps on how to connect with their inner self, the voice that keeps their dreams hidden or set aside. They will explore if they are living the life they want and if not, what they need to do to make a change. They will discover the power of goal objects (GO!) and that they are not alone—other women and girls are asking the same questions. Participants find support from others, potentially form lifetime friendships, and get the encouragement to seize the dreams they deserve.

Workshops can be uniquely designed for your specific needs and interests. Below is a sampling of some of the topics.

  • How dreams disappear
  • The power of goal objects
  • The magic of mindfulness in pursuing your goals
  • Exploring your creativity
  • Capturing your goals and dreams
  • Common roadblocks women and girls face when pursuing their dreams
  • Visualization with goal objects
  • The 4 Step to Reaching your Goals
    • Step 1: Identifying your Goals and Dreams
    • Step 2: Finding your Goal Objects and Container
    • Step 3: Creating and Staging your Goal Objects
    • Step 4: Your Action Plan

Additional workshops on gender issues (socialization, female psychosocial development, gender and crime, etc.) are also available.

The workshop audience can be as small as five or as large as 500. Marcia is also available to meet with the media upon request. For questions or a quote, please click here to contact Marcia.

Workshops - Individual

Who knew going after your goals could be so fun and rewarding? Individual workshops are available online offering personal, one-on-one attention. The topics covered are basically the same as if you attended a larger group workshop but can be customized to better meet your specific needs.

Typically, these workshops are conducted over visual telephone calls (such as “Skype” or “Facetime”). You’ll be given a reading assignment to be completed before the first session. Each session is guided with interactive discussion. Individual workshops can be a cost-effective way to learn and have fun because they do not take a large amount of time away from other obligations. Additionally, there are no expenses such as transportation, lodging and food costs associated with travel to a traditional workshop site.

Don’t put off your dreams any longer! Click here to contact Marcia to set up an individual or online workshop.

Scheduled Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Click here to see upcoming workshops and speaking engagements already scheduled. Also sign up there to be notified about new workshops and presentations near you. Please click here to contact Marcia directly if you would like to set up a workshop.

Click here to download Speaker Information One-sheet (Printable PDF)

Sampling of Past Speaking Engagements and Workshops


  • Department of Social Work. Birmingham, England
  • Sookmyung Womens University Seoul, South Korea
  • VIII International Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • US Army. Grafenwohr/Vilsek. Germany
  • VII International Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect. Rio de Janiero, Brazil
  • Barbados Child Care Board Conference. Barbados, West Indies
  • NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Victims. US Representative. Tuscany, Italy
  • 3rd World Congress on Victimology. San Francisco, California. USA
  • VI International Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect. Sydney, Australia
  • Post conference lectures in Cairns and Brisbane, Australia
  • V International Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect. Montreal, Quebec. Canada
  • International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners. Des Moines, Iowa. USA


  • National Workshop on Adult and Juvenile Female Offenders. Utah
  • Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention National Conference. Denver, CO
  • Gender-Responsive Programming for Girls. Miami, FL
  • National Workshop on Adult and Juvenile Female Offenders. Maine
  • National Indian Child Welfare Conference
  • San Diego Conference on Responding to Child Maltreatment. San Diego, California
  • Romance Writers of America. National Conference on crime writing. Eugene, Oregon
  • Texas Crime Prevention Institute. San Marcos, Texas. Lecturer at 9 national conferences
  • National Crime Prevention Institute. Louisville, Kentucky
  • Texas Center for Juvenile Delinquent Prevention. San Marcos, Texas
  • American Corrections Association. Houston, Texas


  • Boston, MA. Justice Involved Girls
  • Atlanta, GA; Portland, OR Prison Rape Elimination Act
  • Wilsonville & Ontario, Oregon, Prison Rape Elimination Act
  • Ontario, Oregon, Oregon Jail Manager’s Association
  • Yankton, South Dakota Law Enforcement Training
  • San Jose, California Sheriff’s Association
  • Olympia, Washington. Investigating Sexual Misconduct
  • Lincoln County Head Start
  • Mt. Vernon, Illinois. State Police and Child Advocacy Conference
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico.Psychological Association.
  • Portland Police Bureau, several trainings Police, staff, volunteers.
  • Ft. Yukon/Fairbanks, Alaska. Teachers
  • St. Croix, Virgin Islands. Police, social services, schools
  • New York City, NY Fordham Law School. Sex Crime Seminar
  • Kona, Hawaii.Police, social services, schools
  • San Francisco, California. Association of Sexual Abuse Prevention Professionals
  • Albany, New York. Governor’s Conference on Crime Prevention
  • Columbia, South Carolina, Human Services
  • Bryan, Ohio. Human Services
  • Fairbanks, Alaska. University of Alaska
  • Fairbanks, Alaska. Women in Crisis Counseling Assistance Shelter.
  • Galveston, Texas. Family Counseling Services
  • Sierra Vista, Arizona. Parents United and US Army
  • College Station, Texas. Texas A & M University
  • Billings, Montana. Crime Prevention Association
  • Sitka, Alaska. Alaska Police Academy
  • Colville, Washington. Head Start and Social Services
  • Seattle, Washington. Washington Crime Watch Programs
  • Honolulu, Hawaii. Kapiolani Sexual Abuse Treatment Center
  • Kauai, Hawaii. Department of Social Services
  • Merced, California. Police and Social Services
  • Denver, Colorado. Englewood Police Department
  • Madison, Wisconsin. Technology Transfer Program
  • Clearwater, Florida. Family Continuity Programs
  • Maui, Hawaii. State of Hawaii/NIC, Women Offenders