Examples of GO! Displays

Goal: To be a veterinarian

Be a Veterinarian

Goal: To travel the world

travel the world

Goal: To go to law school

Go to law school

Goal: To work on a dude ranch

work on a dude ranch

Goal: To take flight and start my own business

take flight
start my own business

Goal: To have my own food truck and sell cupcakes

Her action steps were written on slips of paper, sequentially organized, and divided over 12 months (put into 12 cupcake slots).

food truck
sell cupcakes

Goal: To be an actress

To be an actress

(Some GO! displays only have a single object)

Goal: To move to Hawaii

Move to Hawaii

Goal: To go to Ireland and trace my family tree

Move to Ireland

Goal: To hike in the Andes Mountains

Hike Andres Mountains

(Some GO! displays have multiple goals and many objects)

Multiple Goals

(Some GO! displays are personal and private – the symbolism only known to the woman or girl)

Personal GoalsPersonal GoalsPersonal GoalsPersonal Goals